Pre Chef Grand Prix



The Pre Chef Grand Prix Challenge is a partnership between the CRDA’s Atlantic City Restaurant Week and Atlantic Cape Community College’s Academy of Culinary Arts.   The challenge faces various teams of culinary students in a head-to-head competition to create a three-course menu (appetizer, entree and dessert) to meet the price point of Atlantic City Restaurant Week’s dinner cost of $35.17 per person. Each winning team member receives a $1,000.00 scholarship and one course of the wining menu to highlighted at the Atlantic City Restaurant Week Kick-off event.


2016 –Winning Team:
“Osteria del Worthington”

  • Alejandra Belfoure
  • Shannon Hanselman
  • Elliot Krass
  • Dana Pleasant

2015 –Winning Team:
“Team Cusine”

  • Itka Drinkard
  • Bruce Tice
  • Aimee Fischer
  • Jose Otto

2014 – Winning team:
“Holy Guacamole”

  • Steven Calhoun
  • Blaise Colamarino
  • Confesor Barrientos Jr.
  • Kate Trivelis

2013 – Winning team:
“The Cereal Killers”

  • Rob Van Pette
  • Gianna Cottone
  • Brian Peters
  • Anthony Rando